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Gathering of Elders 2018


Participating eldest

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Koskanuba – Helmer Twoyoungmen 


  Morley/Alberta - Canada


Helmer is the Eldest of the people (tribe) of Stoney, actor and teacher

Koskanuba has encountered - like many of his brothers and sisters - the uncomely dealing with Native Americans, especially with children. This sustainably impacted, but also guided him through hard times in his adult life. He processed his trauma by truely forgiving. We exerience Helmer as a cheerful man, his sayings are almost legendary. Especially when it´s getting serious, you can count on him and his remarks that will brighten the situation up. He is campaigning for the preservation of the language and culture of his people (tribe) (Nakota), by teaching them. He is a professional actor.


Dirk Schröder





Dirk is Bearer and Keeper and Mediatior of Knowledge

As a former travel journalist and Knowledge Educator, he has a lot of experience with human beindgs plants and animals - our relatives.  His work is characterized by strong ties to Nature, to Mother Earth, and everything that lives. His reconnection to nature and natural cycles developed during his contact to indigene cultures all over the world, especially to the Lakota people, to whom he is strongly tied. These experiences are part of his identity and naturally flow into his work. He likes to work with "the small people" (children), but he also likes to share his knowledge with adults. Dirk responds to the call of his heart, and his presence is an enrichment for the Circle of the Eldest. 


 Mario Salomon Caceres Vara



  Cusco - Peru


Mario is a Hanpec Runa Medicine Man, Cougar Shamane and Eldest

He is a direct descendant of Paullo Inca, son of Wayna Capac, former sovereign of the Kingdom of "Pìru".  He is the bearer of original medicine and encountered his initiation at the Holy Mountain of Salkantay, Cusco. Thus, his spiritual way began. By several teachers, he was educated in many parts of the traditional, country-specific Art of Healing and Teaching. He completed a training as a tourist guide in order to officially work and teach at the famous places holy to the people, and established a Healing Center (Casa Real del Sol).



White Raven – Gayle Crosmaz





Gayle - "Master of building Ceremonial Drums, Shamane, Teacher, Author, Spokesperson, Artist"

"In the mountain temples of the peruvian Andes and in the jungles of the Amazon I was looking for the Meaning of (my) Life. When I climbed the mountain in the Holy Valley near the Polar Circles in Greenland, I heard the Call. I found my voice in the breaking of the ice that echoed from the near mountains. My autobiography "Living parables" deals with the spiritual part of the healing of post-traumatic stress and other emotional and spiritual problems."



Peta'po B. Nicolas


Berlin, Germany


Peta´ po is Eldest and Medicine Woman of the Canglesa Takata tribe

Peta´ po grew up with the manifold deprivations of a child of the war generation. She mastered all the challenges in her life and is an enrichment to the Canglesa Takata tribe with her experience and her peaceful, balancing energy. She is a proxy for Oyaté-tha-Tacan'sina and she represents the Eldest of the ancestors of the tribe. Through her, their wisdom flows into the tribe. 


The Elders

 - forgotten mediators of (ancient) wisdom -



We're in the middle 

of a powerful outside and a continous activity of all senses. 


People veer away 

from their brothers and sisters, the animals and plants, from mother earth. And from themselves.


Everything is attendant on everything.

Every person constantly interacts with its fellow human being. Our own happiness only manifests when our fellow men are happy. This is old knowledge.


They're still there: the Elders

They grew (up) in their tribes and were called by Spirit to become Elders. They're connected with the primeval medicine of their peoples and carry this medicine/wisdom into their tribe.


The Elders carry an old wisdom

This is what they live, this is what they teach. Not on big stages and famous channels, and not with many „Like“s. They do it in depth, silently and mindfully.


Elders from which tribes?

Their origin is a tribe, where people feel that this planet is our mother, and that everything is part of the „Great Secret“. Often, they have indiginous roots.


The Elders are connected

Amongst each other. With the ancestral Elders on the other side. They're connected with the spiritual world, they connect tribes on a high level.


Access to experiences and wisdom of the Elders

When they meet, they sit in council. There is exchange, assertion, topics are brought up and clarified. In consencus, they carry their message into their tribes.


The Elders gathering for Mother Earth

A subject that unites all peoples is the current state of „our“ Earth. The Elders Gathering provides a platform for the Elders to follow Mother Earth's call, and to sensitize humanity for this subject.