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Dear mother,




Dear mother,


we've been born through you and we have our home on you, you gave us our body.

You're the soil we're growing on. We're allowed to evolve on you.

For this, we thank you.


You give back what we give to you.

Through the seeds (we put) in your soil you feed us. You enable our life.

And there are more people dying of what we leave on you, than of conflicts or starvation. *)


Not only do you need our help, but we as well need your help!

We want to continue to live an evolve on you.


May there be more people recognizing you as their mother. May the Elders gathering show that we revere you. 


Please accept our Thanks. 

May the message be spread among the people.


Dear mother, may you receive everything so you are strong and powerful.


A'ho mitakuye oyasin


(we're all related)







*) according to Andrew McCartor, Director of Global Policy and Planning, Pure Earth, formerly Blacksmith Institute

THE LANCET, GAHP, 19.10.2017


Here you can watch a video about this study; we don't have any influence on the following choice of videos



The Lancet Commition on Pollution & Health was co-founded by the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear safety, as well as by the European Union.