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Legal Notice

This webpage represents the temporary state of a continuous working process. Although all contents are carefully verified and compiled to the best of our knowledge, we do not claim them to be complete, up to date, and correct. We refrain from taking responsibility for any damage that arises from trusting in contents of this webpage or their use. Errors and modifications excepted. If someone depends on the information provided this happens at his or her own risk.


We explicitly point to the fact that none of the methods introduced assure cure, nor mean any guarantee that ailments will be relieved or healed.


No dissuasion of this webpage without previous contact exempt from charges. If we were impigning upon law or someone's rights with the contents and presentations on this webpage, we beg for according information and notice. we guarantee that justifiably objected contents will be immediately corrected or deleted. In case there will be costs provoked without having contacted us before, those will be completely declined. Should the situation arise we'll put forward a counter-claim because of violation of the before mentioned regulations.


All Translations are provided as a courtesy


Binding terminology, as well as terms of privacy, can be found in the original German terms and conditions.