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The circle of the future


Canglesa Takata is honoured to organize the Elders gathering 2018.


Canglesa Takata is a union to create conciousness for mother earth, for indiginous healing knowledge and natural religion, initiated by the Elders and Oyaté-tha-Tacan'sina Miwatani. 




The association Canglesa-Takata is officially registered in Austria (in the district capital Kirchdorf an der Krems, ZVR-number 620019786)


There is an earmarked bank account for the Elders gathering (@ Raiffeisenbank Hinterstoder and Vorderstoder, subsidiary Voderstoder, Austria). Donations that enable us to realize the project are highly welcome.



BAN: AT07 3416 5801 0001 0678 



account holder: Canglesa-Takata, Kreis der Zukunft

designated use: Aeltestentreffen Canglesa-Takata




We kindly ask for any support we can get. 




to  Canglesa Takata